Round 96
Ends December 11th

Loyalist Sign-up

$4.99 per round

Special Offer: Get Loyalist for Free!

That's all it costs to remove all limits from your Fall of Nations account. As a Fall of Nations Loyalist, you:

  • Have no turn cap (you can store an unlimited number of turns)
  • Have no level cap (purchase all upgrades!)
  • Support Fall of Nations!

Why now? The game was free for quite sometime, but advertising revenue simply didn't cover our hosting costs. We were losing money. The Fall of Nations Loyalist program is an attempt at a working business model, one where the bottom line isn't red. We also believe it will provide players with a better game experience.

$4.99 per round. Skip today's trip to McDonald's and support the game! Sign-up below!

Sending a payment awards you 1 credit which you can use at anytime. At the end of each round, one credit is deducted from your account if you used that credit to activate Loyalist status. If it's nearing the end of the round, you won't get to use that credit for very long so it might be better to wait until the beginning of the next round to use it.

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Don't want to pay?

By using your Invitation Link, new players can sign-up as your minions. If 5 of your minions become Fall of Nations Loyalists, you get one free round as a Fall of Nations Loyalist.